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If you are interested in ancient ruins you will have in Lebanon an ideal country. Everywhere in the country you will find ruins of roman temples and remains of phenician cities. Cities like Tripoli, Sidon and Tyre give you an insight in the traditional arab life and have very old bazars. After you trip into the history of Arab cities, you will find in Beirut a city of the future. The reconstruction of this city after the war is one of the most fascinating projects in the Middle East. Beirut is also known as the city of night life and many tourist from other Arab countries choose Beirut as their travel destination because of the openness of this city.

If you prefer to make your holidays in the nature, you will find in the Lebanon Mountains many possibilities for hiking tours and skiing. It is also possible to go swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, but most of the coat is very rocky and the few beaches are often crowded.

Places of interests

Do not miss:
- Baalbek (impressive ruins of the roman city of Helipolis)
- Tripoli (bazar, castle)
- Cedars near Bcharré
- Beit-ed-Dine / Deir-el-Qamar (old palace / nice village)

Very nice:
- Beirut (Al-Hamra ,National Museum, Solidere, Beach Boulevard)
- Hiking tour in the Qadisha valley (monastery, canyons)
- Hiking tour near Baslouqit (good view to the coast)
- Monastery Deir Mar Antonios Qozhaya near Ehden
- Coastal towns in northern Lebanon (Byblos, Jouneh and Batroun)
- Coastal towns in the South (Saida andTyre)
- Cedar forest in the Chouf mountains

Also recommended:
- Harissa (Statue of the holy Mary of Lebanon - good view to the coast)
- Deir al Ahmar (nice basin in the Beqaa valley with a nice liemstone spring)
- Castle near Batroun from the crusaders
- Faqra (skiing area, natural bridge, old roman temples)


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